Missouri SkyWarn IRLP Reflector

Members of the Southwest Missouri Linked Repeater System (SMLRS) have worked together with the Kansas City SkyWarn group technical coordinator, Bryon Jeffers, K0BSJ, to place into service IRLP reflector 933 dedicated to SkyWarn repeater linking in Missouri.

The reflector, located at the HE datacenter in downtown Kansas City, is owned and operated by KC SkyWarn technical coordinator Bryon Jeffers, K0BSJ.  The reflector channels have been dedicated in the following manner:

Reflector Channel     Use

9330                           Central Region Intertie System (CRIS)

9331                           Weather Spotter Traffic

9332                           Special Events

9333                           Southern Missouri SkyWarn Linking

9334                           Storm Prediction Center – Norman, OK

9335                           Open

9336                           National Weather Service – Reserved

9337                           Regional IRLP SkyWarn net

9338                           Oklahoma / Arkansas SkyWarn

9339                           VoIP Weather Net – Listen Only

During severe weather operations, the SMLRS IRLP node #7191 on the 442.150 Crane UHF linking repeater will automatically link up to Missouri SkyWarn reflector channel #9333.  Should the Crane 442.150 Primary UHF linking repeater fail, the Springfield 442.275 will be brought into the system and IRLP node #3995 on that repeater will be linked to channel #9333.  The IRLP node on both repeaters have backup power in place and the nodes receive Internet from separate Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) to create the ultimate in robust, reliable connectivity.

Anyone within Regions D, G or I in Southern Missouri wishing to link up their IRLP node to reflector channel 9333 during severe weather will be able to link up and make reports and copy system traffic.  For stations that are outside of the South-Central or Southwest Missouri area, please connect your node up as “listen only” to the IRLP reflector channel.

System members will monitor the reflector channel during SkyWarn operations and any node that causes “kerchunks” or “key-ups” will be immediately disconnected from the reflector and banned for the remainder of the event or until the node problems can be fixed.

For those wishing to simply receive traffic from the system, please visit the page outlining how to stream audio from www.radioreference.com