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SMLRS (Southwest Missouri Linked Repeater System) is a permanently linked radio  network.  The vital purpose of SMLRS is to enable emergency services to communicate throughout the coverage area.


The SMLRS has a new repeater on the SMLRS system located in Warsaw, MO.

The repeater is on 147.075+ PL 127.3 Hz.  

You can run full PL on this repeater, meaning you must encode a PL of 127.3 Hz 
and you can also use decode on your radio for the 127.3 Hz tone. 

The 147.075 repeater is linked to the SMLRS 100% of the time via an RF link to 
the Stockton Lake hub repeater, and runs on 100% battery power 
like the 145.270 in Nixa.

Up to date information about SMLRS operations, repeater status, and other current events can be found at  Check this page before reporting any system operations problems.

If you have questions or need to notify someone about repeater operation problems not addressed on the news page, email

In an emergency, normal local and wireless communications can be lost or saturated so that important messages cannot be sent or received.  SMLRS provides a broad area of coverage, with backup power supplies and links that can be used by trained amateur radio operators to provide needed communications.

Outside emergencies, the system is available to support wide-area communication needs, such as bicycle rides and running events.  It is also available for all radio amateurs to use in normal VHF communication activities, including QSO’s.

The system has 7 radio repeaters:

  • a repeater centered near Joplin,
  • a repeater centered near Nevada,
  • two repeaters centered in Springfield, and
  • a repeater at Crane linking the Joplin and Springfield repeaters.
  • a repeater near Stockton Lake linking Nevada to the system & acting as a redundant hub repeater for the system
  • a repeater centered in Branson
Antenna at Crane Repeater

Antenna at Crane Repeater

Together, these repeaters cover most of the Region D ARES service area in Southwest Missouri.

Because the repeaters are permanently linked, a transmission on any of the seven repeaters is re-broadcast on all seven repeaters.

In practical terms, transmissions within the network area will be heard from Coffeeville, KS to Mountain Grove, MO, and from Clinton, MO to Harrison, AR.

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 This is a computer modeled map of the linked repeater coverage:

SMLRS Coverage Map 100614_Branson and Arcola Added