This page reports new developments in SMLRS operation.

February 28, 2017:  

The Link Radio at the 147.225 Repeater Site (West Springfield Repeater) has been fixed and how has a full quieting signal into the Crane 442.150 Hub repeater

The low audio condition was also repaired on the 147.225 repeater and link radio.  A component in the audio path was removed and full audio levels were restored.  It is now nearly impossible to determine just by audio levels whether a station is on the 147.225 or another linked repeater.

January 14, 2017:

The SMLRS has a new repeater on the SMLRS system located in Warsaw, MO.

The repeater is on 147.075+ PL 127.3 Hz.  

You can run full PL on this repeater, meaning you must encode a PL of 127.3 Hz 
and you can also use decode on your radio for the 127.3 Hz tone. 

The 147.075 repeater is linked to the SMLRS 100% of the time via an RF link to 
the Stockton Lake hub repeater, and runs on 100% battery power 
like the 145.270 in Nixa.


January 8, 2016:  Earlier site visit revealed the Granby 145.390 operating at low power – 36-Watts out of the 100-Watt amplifier.  On January 8, a replacement amplifier was installed and power output restored to 95-Watts.

A new Duracomm 50a power supply with DC distribution panel was installed, and all DC wiring re-routed and fused at the panel.  The PA fans are now controlled by the FC-2 Fan Control Module so that the SCOM 7330 turns the cooling fans on and off automatically instead of them running continuously.

January 6, 2016:  Site visit to the Nevada 145.450 repeater revealed a low output power condition – 13.4 Watts out of the 100-Watt PA.  A replacement amplifier and duplexers are being sought.  $3,000 needed to purchase new TX RX duplexers and a new 150-Watt Crescend amplifier.

July 18, 2014:  Complaint of pop & crackle on weak to moderate strength signals on the 145.450 – noise goes away when it rains.  De-sense tests completed with co-located VHF trunked radio system confirms harmonic mixing issue if site is fully loaded, but this is not causing the issue reported.  Located 1 power pole that is intermittently very noisy.  Electric Coop notified to repair pole

July 15, 2014:  Complaints of pop & crackle on weaker signals on the 147.015 – located 4 noisy power line poles near the repeater site.  Electric Coop notified and poles have been repaired.


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