Branson 146.655- Repeater

The Branson 146.655 – PL 91.5 Hz repeater went online on September 8, 2017.

The repeater uses a Motorola Quantar 100-Watt repeater and a TX RX 28-37-02A duplexer for the sites repeater operation.

An SCOM 7330 Repeater Controller handles all audio for the repeater and the link radio along with cooling fan controls on site. A Duracomm DPS-75 with SL-Rack and a Duracomm DBRM-10-75 provide 12vdc power to all the equipment on site except the Motorola repeater.

Branson 146.655- Repeater (front) in self contained locking cabinet on site

Linking is completed with a Motorola CDM-1250 40-Watt link radio connected to a Commscope DB-436C 10 dBd Yagi mounted at ~ 175′ AGL at the top of the water tower and directed Northwest toward the Crane hub repeater. The antenna is fed with Commscope LDF7-50 1-5/8″ heliax.

The repeater uses a Commscope DB-224E 6 dBd gain omni antenna mounted at the top of the water tower 175′ AGL and fed with Commscope LDF7-50 1-5/8″ heliax as well.

The repeater system is mounted in a hardened, climate controlled shelter which has generator backup power to ensure the site is available when it’s needed.

Special thanks to the following for donating the equipment and space to make this site a reality:

  • Johnson County, KS Emergency Communications
  • Commscope
  • City of Branson
  • Branson Fire Department
  • Branson Emergency Management

A number of local amateur operators donated the funds to purchase other needed parts for the repeater site installation!

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