Goodhope RF Hub

The Goodhope RF hub is used to connect the Eastern SMLRS repeaters to the Western SMLRS repeaters.

Utilizing an SCOM 7330 controller and two Motorola CDM link radios, we are able to connect the Bendavis 444.775 to the Crane 442.150 via a dedicated RF hub.

Should the RF hub equipment fail, we have a dedicated T1 link to connect the two systems together. The T1 is also equipped with a cellular modem should the land based T1 fail.

A third link radio is used to make a dedicated link to the 145.270-, PL 162.2 Hz repeater in Nixa. Using either Internet control or a dedicated control code the system can be split in half with the western repeaters available in Springfield via the 147.015+ PL 162.2 Hz or the 147.225+ PL 162.2 Hz repeaters and the Eastern repeaters available via the 145.270- PL 162.2 Hz. This could be needed during a large scale weather or other disaster where access to both systems is needed in Springfield but we need two complete systems to handle the traffic from the different geographical areas.

The tower is an old AT&T Long Lines site and the link antennas are Commscope DB-436C heavy duty Yagi antennas with Commscope AVA5-50 7/8″ heliax cable

Backup power is provided by the 400a, 48vdc battery bank with propane standby generator to ensure the East and West linked systems can remain connected during power outages. The building and tower are hardened to withstand direct tornado strikes and the building climate controlled to facilitate equipment longevity.

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