Warsaw 147.075+ Repeater

The 147.075+ PL 127.3 Hz Warsaw Repeater went online on December 21, 2016

The repeater consists of a Codan Radio MT-4 Repeater capable of 8-Watts, but turned down to 1/2-Watt to drive a Motorola MSR-2000 100-W amplifier and a TX RX 28-37-02A Duplexer

The SCOM 7330 Repeater Controller handles all audio from the repeater and the link radio. The site is powered by a 418 amp, 48 vdc battery bank and we use a Duracomm DCDC-48-12 to step the voltage down from 48vdc to 12vdc.

Warsaw 147.075 + Repeater (Front)
147.075 + Repeater (front) with 418 aH, 48vdc backup power DC power plant

The linking is completed with a Motorola CDM-1250 40-Watt UHF link radio which links the repeater to the Stockton Lake “North Hub” repeater site via a Commscope DB-436C antenna fed with Commscope AVA5-50 7/8″ heliax mounted at ~ 170′ AGL

The repeater antenna is a Commscope DB-224E mounted at 180′ AGL and fed with Commscope AVA5-50 7/8″ heliax.

Special thanks to the following for making this repeater possible

  • Steffen Wiest, KC0NQE
  • Rick Wade, KD0CNC
  • Randy VanScoy, K0RLV
  • Midwest Mobile Radio Service
Warsaw 147.075+ insulated duplexer cabinet holding the TX RX 28-37-02A 4-cavity duplexer and small thermostatically controlled space heater.

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