Bendavis 444.775+ Repeater

The Bendavis 444.775+ repeater, PL 110.9 Hz went online on Tuesday, June 2, 2020. The repeater is a 110-Watt Motorola MSF-5000 with a Sinclair Q3220E 4-cavity duplexer. The SCOM 7330 Repeater Controller is used to control the repeater and a Samlex 12vdc power supply supplies power for the controller and cooling fans on site.

On the tower we are utilzing a Comprod 774-70TM 8.5 dBd gain antenna with all elements directed Northeast at 45-degrees. The antenna, top mounted at 300′ AGL on the tower, is fed with ~ 375′ of Commscope AVA5-50 7/8″ heliax

Bendavis 444.775 Repeater (Front)

The 444.775 acts as the Eastern “Hub” repeater for the SMLRS currently linking the Rolla 146.820 and Willow Springs 146.985 repeaters together and also providing the communications for all 3 repeaters to the Western half of the system via a dedicated RF link OR via a dedicated T1 data circuit with cellular backup!

As with all SMLRS sites, this repeater is equipped with emergency UPS and generator backup shelter and is installed in a hardened and climate controlled shelter to help maximize up-time and make sure the repeater is operational when it’s needed most – during a disaster.

Special thanks to the following individuals and entities that donated equipment to make this repeater a reality:

  • Johnson County, KS Emergency Communications Department
  • Cecil Higgins, AC0HA
  • Commscope
  • Missouri Hospital Association

Numerous cash donations were also provided by members of the amateur community in Southwest Missouri to help pay for the tower work to be completed.

Picture of the 444.775+ repeater (back)
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