Springfield East 147.015 + Repeater

Springfield 147.015 + Repeater   PL 162.2 Hz

Sprfld Repeater pic

The 147.015+ repeater was placed into service from its location in Northeast Springfield on September 14, 2012 and was the 2nd repeater put online as part  of the Southwest Missouri Linked Repeater System (SMLRS) project.

The repeater is located in a hardened communications shelter to help protect it from severe weather.  In case of power failure, the UPS battery backup holds the repeater on the air until the site generator comes on line.  The generator is capable of running the site continuously for over 2 weeks!

The repeater antenna is a Comprod 874F-70TM mounted at 400’ AGL and fed with Andrew’s AVA7-50 1-5/8” virtual air heliax, making for an ultra low loss feedline system.  To help maximize repeater robustness, the antenna was installed with a sway brace at the top of the antenna to help protect it from wind, and coax grounding kits were installed at the top, middle and bottom of the run of coax.

The goal of this repeater, as with all repeaters in the SMLRS, is robust performance.  Inside the building, a Polyphaser coax lightening arrestor takes any lightening energy and places it to the site ground to help protect the system.  A high-quality TX RX 28-37-06A duplexer was used to connect the repeater to the antenna system.  The repeater itself is a Daniel’s Electronics MT-2 Mountaintop series repeater, which is built in such a way to be installed at mountaintop repeater sites that are not normally accessible.  The Daniel’s exciter drives a 300-W Crescend amplifier to 225-W output.  Crescend is known for its high quality product, and running it at less than full power will help ensure a long, reliable life.  A high performance Duracomm 75a power supply and DC power distribution system provides DC power to the system.  The repeater uses the most reliable repeater controller currently sold, an SCOM 7330.

The repeater is linked to the Crane 442.150 “hub” repeater via a commercial Motorola CDM-1250 linking radio, with a heavy duty Andrew DB-436 yagi.  The link radio is also protected by Polyphaser coax lightening arrestor and grounding kits installed on the tower.  This link radio also runs at less than half its rated output to extend its lifespan and to provide maximum reliability.

This site hosts the JPS NXU-2A RoIP interconnect that allows public safety agencies to connect directly to the repeater system via their NXU-2A or via the PC client software.  The device is used in public safety dispatch centers and mobile command centers throughout the area. 

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