Nixa Amateur Radio Club

The Nixa Amateur Radio Club, Inc. (K0NXA) is a Special Services Club recognized by the ARRL, a Not-for-Profit Incorporation recognized by the State of Missouri and a 501(c)3 organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The club became on official entity on December 3, 2001 and holds monthly club meetings on the 2nd Saturday of each month at the Nixa Fire Station located at 711 N Main St. in Nixa at the local Fire Station at 6:00 p.m.

The club also holds monthly VE testing sessions at the same location before the meeting most months at 4:30 p.m. at the Fire Station.

The club participates in annual Field Day exercises, holds an annual Club Picnic, has participated in the Nixa Sucker Days with a Special Event Station, operated a Contest Team winning the Missouri QSO party, and focuses on providing communications for public service events working hand in hand with local non-amateur entities during bicycle rides as well as working with other amateur radio ARES groups and clubs during these events.

The club has a weekly net on Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. and you can check in on any of the club’s repeaters which are linked together from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. each Thursday evening.

Below is a comprehensive list of all repeaters owned and operated by the Nixa Amateur Radio Club, Inc. Maintaining this extensive list of repeaters can be expensive at times. Your club membership and donations greatly help to keep these repeaters available for use in the region and is appreciated!

53.27051.570162.2 Hz162.2 HzRepublic
51.570162.2 Hz162.2 HzBranson West
51.570162.2 Hz162.2 HzCedar Springs
51.570162.2 Hz162.2 HzGranby
51.570162.2 Hz162.2 HzStrafford
145.270144.670162.2 Hz162.2 HzNixa
145.270144.670NAC 656NAC 656Nixa
224.280222.680162.2 Hz162.2 HzClever
442.425+447.425162.2 Hz162.2 HzClever
The above repeaters are linked together for the Nixa ARC Check-In net on Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. (Also linked to the Southwest Missouri Linked Repeater System)
145.290144.690100.0 Hz100.0 HzTaum Sauk
146.655146.05591.5 Hz91.5 HzBranson
146.820146.220110.9 Hz110.9 HzRolla
146.985146.385110.9 Hz110.9 HzWillow Springs
147.015+147.615162.2 Hz162.2 HzNE Springfield
147.060+147.660162.2 Hz162.2 HzBolivar
442.150+447.150162.2 Hz162.2 HzCrane
444.775+449.775110.9 Hz110.9 HzBendavis
444.975+449.975162.2 Hz162.2 HzStockton Lake
The above repeaters are permanently linked to the Southwest Missouri Linked Repeater System
29.68029.580123.0 Hz123.0 HzNixa
927.0125902.0125162.2 Hz162.2 HzSpringfield
The above repeater is permanently linked to the Forgotten Bands Network of the Ozarks
145.290144.690CC 5CC 5Bolivar
145.470144.870CC 12CC 12Conway
146.670146.070CC 12CC 12 Willow Springs
146.775146.175CC 5CC 5Ozark
443.400+448.400CC 5CC 5Springfield
444.450+449.450CC 5CC 5Branson
The above repeaters are permanently linked to the Brandmeister DMR Network with SWMO talkgroup 31291 static on Time Slot 1 – email for other talkgroup information.
146.685146.085CC 5CC 5DMR
146.685146.085N/AN/AIcom D-Star
146.685146.085N/AN/AYaesu Fusion
146.685146.085RAN 42RAN 42NXDN / NexEdge
146.685146.085NAC 656NAC 656P-25
The 146.685 is a multi-mode digital repeater located in Northeast Springfield
146.595145.99571.9 Hz71.9 HzTrailer – Multi-use
The above repeater is permanently mounted in the club’s communications trailer and when deployed is linked up to the Southwest Missouri Linked Repeater System as needed
146.655146.055NAC 656NAC 656Branson P25
442.250+447.250100.0 Hz100.0 HzTaum Sauk Mtn
442.250+447.250NAC 3E8NAC 3E8Taum Sauk Mtn
443.675+448.675162.2 Hz162.2 HzBolivar
443.675+448.675NAC 656NAC 656Bolivar
927.0125902.0125NAC 656NAC 656Springfield
The above repeaters are stand alone repeaters that are analog or P25 digital – Both can be linked to the SMLRS – Bolivar as the backup North SMLRS hub and Taum Sauk as the SE Missouri hub

For more information about the Nixa Amateur Radio club, visit their website

You can also find them on Facebook by searching for “Nixahams”

To sign up for the club’s email reflector, visit to stay up to date on club information as well as other regional amateur radio events, find answers to your amateur radio questions, or buy, sell and trade amateur radio gear.

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