Willow Springs 146.985- Repeater

The Willow Springs 146.985- Repeater, PL 110.9 Hz, went online Wednesday, June 3, 2020.

The repeater is a Motorola MSF-5000 110-Watt repeater with a 6-cavity Sinclair Q2330E Duplexer to provide greater than 100 dB of isolation between transmit and receive!

The SCOM 7330 Repeater Controller handles all repeater and link radio audio while a Samlex 12vdc power supply provides power for the controller, link radio and cooling fans on site.

146.985- Repeater (front) on right and 146.670- DMR Repeater, Color Code 12, on left

The link radio is a Motorola CDM-750 40-Watt UHF radio which feeds a Commscope DB436C 10 dBd Yagi mounted at ~ 100′ AGL directed West-Northwest toward the Bendavis Eastern hub repeater. The link antenna is fed with ~120′ of Commscope AVA5-50 7/8″ heliax

The repeater antenna is a Comprod 872F-70TM 5.5 dBd gain antenna mounted at 310′ AGL and directed north from the tower site. The antenna is fed with about 330′ of Commscope AVA5-50 7/8″ heliax

The repeater and associated equipment is installed in a climate controlled, hardened shelter with UPS and generator backup power to ensure the repeater is operational when it is needed most.

Special thanks to the following for their equipment donations for this site:

  • Jim Colville, W7RY
  • Missouri Hospital Association
  • Commscope
  • The BYRG (Back Yard Repeater Group) for donating the Motorola XPR-8400 DMR repeater for the 146.670

Many amateurs in the region donated cash to pay for the tower company to install the antennas and coax cable on the tower.

146.985- Repeater antenna (top left) mounted at 310′ AGL
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