General SMLRS Info for Service Agencies

SMLRS is a hardware-software voice communications network that can be used  when:Nevada antenna

  • Normal communications systems are interrupted,
  • There are no telephones or radios at a site needing communications, or
  • Continuing communications are needed across a broad part of the geographic service area

SMLRS is managed by Amateur Radio operators trained to use it to get information moved efficiently and accurately.  These operators include personnel with mobile radios, so they can travel where they are needed without needing local power sources or equipment.  It is the combination of the hardware-software and the trained radio personnel that make the system work.

Use of the system is free, as a public service of the sponsoring organizations.

If your served agency is interested in receiving information or training on how the system can assist  your agency, please e-mail

Incorporating SMLRS in your service activities, whether emergency or otherwise, works best if you have made previous contacts with SMLRS personnel.  100_1044

They can work with you to:

  • Establish a set of contacts for your agency to put SMLRS in operation
  • Learn your specific communication needs so that when SMLRS help is needed the personnel and equipment requirements are already understood
  • If you wish, setup up training sessions or drills to simulate circumstances that  involve SMLRS
  • Learn your protocols for communications

SMLRS  radio operators are skilled in the technical aspects of radio communications.  Service Agencies are not required to have these technical skills.  SMLRS operators intend to provide support for your service agency activities within the framework that your agency already uses.

For information on how a service agency might involve SMLRS in its activities, contact one of the following:

Cecil Higgins, AC0HA                                                  Jeff Young, KB3HF

District D Emergency Coordinator                                    Missouri ARES Section Emergency Coordinator

cell:  417-536-9340.                                              


Additional Technical Information:

SMLRS is a robust system, built with mission-critical communications in mind by communications professionals in the two-way public safety industry, as well as cellular phone professionals and engineers.   The system does not rely on leased lines or Internet connectivity to link repeaters together.  Instead, radio link transmitters provide the backbone infrastructure.  Each site is located in a hardened shelter.  The shelters include large UPS battery backups that constantly filter power spikes, and also hold power to equipment until the on-site generators are operational.  Generators are capable of running the system for approximately 2 weeks without additional fuel.  Motorola R56 grounding techniques were observed both with the SMLRS radio equipment, but also at the site as a whole to greatly reduce or eliminate damaging lightening strikes.

Granby Repeater and KB0NHX

Granby Repeater and KB0NHX

Granby Repeater and Joplin Operator

Granby Repeater and Joplin Operator

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