Emergency Information for Service Agencies

100_1043Service Agencies with immediate emergency needs should follow the contact information below:

Service agencies in Region D have amateur radio contacts to coordinate emergency related communications, including use of SMLRS.  In case of an emergency, please try to contact one of the operators below in the order given to get the most efficient response to your communications need.

Cecil Higgins – Region D ARES District Coordinator – Cell:  417-399-5027

Jeff Young – Missouri ARES Section Emergency Coordinator – Cell:  314-609-1053

James Adkins – SMLRS System Coordinator – Cell:  417-840-5261

By contacting one of the operators above, you ensure that trained amateur radio operators will be notified to respond (if necessary) and assist with communications.  In addition, you also are reserving the use of the SMLRS for your drill or emergency to ensure priority on the system.

Service Agencies can monitor SMLRS communication using the internet.  Follow the link  below.