Forgotten Bands Network of the Ozarks

The Forgotten Bands Network of the Ozarks (FBNO) is a linked repeater system intended to link together the “Forgotten Bands” repeaters in the Springfield Metropolitan area to allow amateurs to experiment with these crazy bands that few ever use. The system is mainly funded by James Adkins, KB0NHX, but the Nixa ARC also supports one repeater currently on the system.

Below is the list of repeaters on the network:

444.875449.875+ 5 MHz162.2 Hz162.2 HZCox South SpringfieldKB0NHX
927.0125902.0125-25 MHz162.2 Hz162.2 HzNE SpringfieldK0NXA
927.1125902.1125-25 MHz162.2 Hz162.2 HzCraneKB0NHX
1285.0501273.050-12 MHz162.2 Hz162.2 HzCox South SpringfieldKB0NHX

All 4 repeaters are linked together via the 444.875 MHz “Hub” linking repeater.

When a Tornado Warning is issued by the National Weather Service for Christian or Greene County, you will hear the system announce “Tornado Warning” and the system’s weather radio will activate and play the NWS warning out on all repeaters on the system. When audio warning is completed, the weather receiver shuts off and the system will then play the old KTTS Tornado Warning alert every 5 minutes until the warned period expires

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