2021 Hamfest Flyer

To download the hamfest flyer, vist https://smlrs.files.wordpress.com/2021/09/2021-nixa-arc-hamfest-flyer_revb.pdf

Doors open at 8:00 a.m. and we have some exciting events lined up for you already.  Associated Radio, D&L Antenna and Ham Crazy will be on site for all your new equipment needs.  If you’re in the market for used gear, you’re also in luck!  We will have about 25 tables available for used equipment with almost 1/4 of those already rented and the hamfest still a little over 2 months away.  So if you have some used gear to sell, please email us ASAP before the tables are gone at hamfest@nixahams.net

At 8:30 a.m., Rob Huelga, W3LGA, and members from the Nixa ARC VE team will be holding a VE testing session in the upstairs conference room area.  

At 10:30 a.m., the upstairs conference room will be the home for two excellent forums we have lined up.  The first forum will be a tag-team effort with Rob Steenburg, AD0IU, joining us via an online video stream from Colorado with our local host Bob Renard, N7WY titled “From Kilocycles to Solar Cycles” – the talk will focus on amateur radio, space weather, and how to make the most out of Solar Cycle 25. Rob works at the Space Weather Prediction Center in Colorado and works on short term, 0-3 day forecasts, and they will be discussing how these forecasts are created, how to interpret them and how they can be used to make your HF radio on-air time more enjoyable & productive during contests and general rag chewing.

At 12:00 p.m., Larry Grinstead, WA0JZK, will be conducting a forum on FT8 – the popular HF digital mode that everyone is raving about!  He’ll give some background on FT8, talk give some general setup tips for your station, and talk about typical on-air operating with this fabulous digital mode.

If  you want to catch breakfast, a morning snack or lunch, the Barnhouse Grill will be open and serving coffee and food throughout the event at their on-site restaurant.  Even though the restaurant is separate from the hamfest venue, you won’t have to go outside in the cold to get to it!  

There is plenty of parking on site – you will be able to park on the East, West or North parking lots around the building with handicap access to the forum / VE testing area on the West side of the facility.  To streamline entry, the entry cost is $10.00 and that gives you 2 chances at hamfest prizes.  And, if you would like to purchase the Super Ticket for $20.00, that gives you 20 chances to win!!!!  We have several prizes already courtesy of Ham Crazy and the ARRL and will be announcing more prize information as we get closer to the hamfest.  

If you would like to pre-purchase your ticket, please email hamfest@nixahams.net and we can email you a paypal invoice for your ticket of choice.  By purchasing beforehand, you can enter via our pre-paid line and simply provide your callsign and some type of picture ID and you’ll be on your way to shopping our used gear!

Remember:  All funds from the hamfest go to support the Southwest Missouri Linked Repeater System (SMLRS).  We are hoping to add a couple of repeaters to the network to fill in the coverage of the system should it be needed for a regional ARES activation or as a backup for / supplemental communications medium for the regional SkyWarn network

If you’d like a visual representation of the Barnhouse Event Center location, visit

73 & we hope to see you at NARCfest 2021 on November 13th!

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