Taum Sauk Mountain 145.290- Repeater

PL 100.0 Hz

The Taum Sauk 145.290 Repeater is located on a tower located at the highest point in Missouri! The repeater ground work was completed on November 9, 2020.

Front of equipment rack at Taum Sauk repeater site

The repeater is a 100-W continuous duty Motorola Quantar repeater. The repeater utilizes an SCOM 7330 repeater controller and a Sinclair Q-2330E 6-cavity duplexer. A Motorola CDM-1250 UHF radio with dedicated Duracomm power supply provide the link back to the 444.775 Bendavis East hub repeater approximately 83 miles to the West!

The Repeater antenna is a 5.5 dBd gain Comprod 872F-70TM antenna mounted at 50′ AGL mounted on the West side of the tower. The link antenna to Bendavis is a 10 dBd gain Commscope DB-436C mounted at 60′ AGL.

The site is equipped with a generator to provide power during electrical service outages.

Equipment close up picture of Taum Sauk 145.290- PL 100.0 Hz repeater equipment
Taum Sauk Mountain 145.290 & 442.250 Repeaters, site controller & UHF Link to the 444.775 Bendavis Repeater
Rear of Taum Sauk 145.290 & 442.250 Repeater – Equipment rack
145.290 and UHF Link antennas (Close up)
145.290 SMLRS Repeater, UHF Link antenna & 442.250 UHF repeater antenna pictures
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