Granby 145.390- Repeater

Granby rptr pic

Granby 145.390- Repeater    PL 91.5 Hz

The 145.390 repeater went live on February 12, 2013 and was the third repeater online for the SMLRS Repeater System.  This repeater provides VHF repeater coverage for the Joplin and surrounding area.

The Comprod 872F-70TM repeater antenna is located 250’ AGL on a microwave tower north of Granby.  The antenna is fed with Andrew AVA5-50 7/8” virtual air heliax.  The antenna is DC grounded and ground kits are installed at the top and the bottom of the tower help protect the repeater, seen at the right.

The repeater is located in a hardened concrete shelter and has UPS battery backup and an onsite generator that can hold power for over 2 weeks without re-fueling to ensure the repeater stays available for use even during adverse conditions.

A Polyphaser coax arrestor inside the building protects the repeater equipment from lightening that might come in on the coax center conductor.  TX RX 28-37-06A high quality duplexers connect the repeater to the antenna system.  The repeater is a GE Master III 110w continuous duty repeater.  An SCOM 7330 repeater controller and Nixa ARC FC-2 Fan Control module are used to control system functionality.

A commercial Motorola CDM-750 link radio is utilized to link the repeater to the Crane 442.150 hub linking repeater.  The heavy duty Andrew DB-436C yagi antenna is fed with Andrew AVA5-50 7/8” heliax.

This repeater is linked full time to the Springfield 147.015 repeater and other repeaters on the system via the 442.150 hub linking repeater in Crane.

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