Crane 442.150+ Repeater

Crane 442.150+ Repeater  PL 162.2 Hz            Crane Repeater pic

 The 442.150 repeater went on-the-air on July 3, 2012, and was the first repeater online for the SMLRS repeater system.   The repeater acts as the primary “hub” repeater for the system, linking all Region D SMLRS repeaters together.

The repeater is located 200’ AGL on a City of Crane water tower.  The Andrew DB-420 is a 9.2 dBd gain antenna, and is fed with Andrew LDF5-50 7/8” heliax.  The DC grounded antennaand ground kits mounted at the top and bottom of the coax help protect the vital piece of the SMLRS linked repeater system.

The repeater is located in a hardened shelter and in case of power failure, the building UPS battery backup will hold the repeater on the air until the site generator becomes active.  The site generator is capable of running the site continuously for over 2 weeks!

Inside the building, the Polyphaser coax arrestor protects this vital system repeater.  The TX RX 28-66-02A duplexers connect the repeater to the antenna system.  The repeater itself is a rugged commercial Motorola Micor workhorse.  The 110-W continuous duty amplifier runs at 75-W output to ensure reliable operation for a long period of time.  The repeater was strategically located in the building in front of the air conditioner vents to help maximize system cooling.  The site is controlled by an SCOM 7330 repeater controller.

Also located on site is a commercial Motorola CDM-1250 UHF link radio, used to connect the SMLRS to the system IRLP node # 7191.  The link radio runs at 20-W output, less than ½ of the rated output to help.  It is connected to a heavy duty Andrew DB436 yagi, mounted at 150’ AGL and fed with Andrew LDF5-50 7/8” heliax.  The yagi is also protected with a Polyphaser lightening arrestor, and coax cable grounding kits.  In case of a total system failure, the 442.275 Springfield repeater acts as a hot, off-site standby to maintain linked system operations.