Working Page

Imminent Danger Descriptions

Nature of Danger Details
Weather – relatedMedicalTraffic Hazard Number of injuries/deadConditions causing injuryType of immediate response needed

Whether a request for assistance has been made on other communication channels

Whether dangers of additional injuries exist

Extraordinary Conditions Descriptions

Nature of Conditions Descriptors
Flash Flood 6 inches or more of water over roadRoad closed or washed outCreeks/streams out of banksFloating cars or other significant debris

Buildings with basements rapidly filling with water

Mud or rock slides

Wall CloudFunnel Cloud (in air)Tornado (on ground) Is Rotation visible?  (Yes, no, unsure)Direction from YOUR locationDirection of Travel
Hail Size:  Pea, Dime, Quarter, Half-Dollar,Golf Ball, Hen Egg, Tennis Ball, Baseball, Grapefruit
Wind Gusts Estimated speed:39 – 54 Twigs  small limbs break off, wind impedes walking55 – 72  Damage to chimneys/TV antennas, topples shallow root trees73 – 112 Peels road surfaces, windows broken, mobile homes overturned

113+  Roofs off houses, buildings destroyed, large trees uprooted

Snow/Ice Accumulation Accumulation of snow of 3 inches in short time on roadsAccumulation of ¼ inch or more of ice on roads or power lines
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